Saturday, February 27, 2021

COVID Requirements

Norwell Soccer Association Covid requirements

COVID Precautions

Norwell Soccer Association seeks to provide our players, coaches and supporters with the safest possible environment so that we can continue to offer the chance to play soccer this fall season. The game will be slightly altered based on guidance from CYSL to minimize contact between players.  We have devised the rules outlined below and ask for your cooperation.

Responsibilities of Coaches:

  • Coaches MUST wear a mask at all times;
  • Coaches must keep an attendance list for all practices and games;
  • Coaches will have extra masks and hand sanitizer provided by NYSL.

Responsibilities of Players:

  • Players MUST wear a mask PROPERLY at ALL times, except of a "mask break" when necessary;
  • Mask should attach around the ears so as not to cause any injury if accidentally tugged or pulled on. No around-the-head or neck face coverings permitted during play.
  • No heading, slide tackles or shoulder contact (eliminate deliberate contact and reduce intermittent contact between players);
  • No throw-ins (this will now be a kick in with opposing players 10 feet away);
  • No corner kicks – kicking team will kick ball in from sideline but not in the penalty area;
  • No high fiving/hand shaking or similar unnecessary contact;
  • Each participant will be required to have his/her own water bottle, towel, and personal hygiene products (hand sanitizer, facial tissues, face coverings) – no sharing of equipment, etc..

Responsibilities of Parents:

  • All spectators must wear masks at all times and practice social distancing;
  • 1 spectator per household per player (no more than 50 people at a playing surface at any time);
  • Players MUST wear a mask at all times;
  • No signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have not been exposed to someone who has been ill in 14 days;
  • Notify NYSL if someone in your household has been diagnosed or presumed to have COVID, or has been in contact with someone who has by email at


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