Kindergarten Soccer
Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Season



Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Norwell Kindergarten soccer program home page!  Our program, held in the fall and in the spring, is open to all children enrolled in Kindergarten in Norwell, MA.  This program has been designed by Norwell Youth Soccer for the children to learn about the game of soccer and the skills that are required to play soccer.         


Kindergarten Soccer is held on Saturday mornings, at Cole School fields.  There will be a formal drop off and pick up schedule.  The schedule will be available by clicking the "schedule" link on the Kindergarten soccer home page.  The team lists will not be posted on this site. The coaches for each team will notify parents as to which team their child is on.

Each soccer session lasts 55 minutes and includes soccer “skills” and a game.  The session will start on the  hour and will run 55 minutes.  This will help with cars exiting and arriving in the parking lot.

Please check in with the coaches every Saturday morning. There will be a rotating schedule every Saturday morning from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The schedule will alternate time and field every week. See schedule for details.

Game cancellations will posted on the NYS website on Saturday morning before 7:00 am. The website updates every 30 minutes on the hour so if the 7:00 am posting is late then check at 7:30 am. An email will also be sent to all registed emails in the NYS database.


Please make sure that your child arrives on time and ready to play.  Each child should have: 

  • Full uniform (shirt, shorts and soccer socks)
  • Shin pads
  • Cleats (or appropriate sneakers)
  • Water bottle
  • Soccer ball (size 3)

Code Of Conduct
Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and sportsmanlike atmosphere for our Norwell youth soccer players to learn and participate in the game of soccer.  Our organization comprises players, their parents, volunteer coaches, referees, and the Board of Directors.  The success of our program depends on the collective efforts of, and cooperation among ALL participants.  To ensure continued success, we have identified the responsibilities of each participant. 

 Role of Coaches:   

1.    Provide well-planned fun, appropriate, challenging practices in a safe practice environment.

2.    Create an atmosphere of fairness, trust, and encouragement.

3.    Maintain discipline at all times.

4.    Inspect fields to ensure that it is safe and playable.

5.    Provide well-planned game plan that includes player assignments and probable substitutions.

6.    Develop, by example, good sportsmanship in players.

7.    Maintain control of players and fans during games. 

8.    Treat players, opponents, and officials with respect and courtesy.  

Role of Players:

1.    Arrive at practices and games at designated times, properly equipped and ready to play. 

2.    Listen to the coach and diligently tries to follow his/her instructions.  

3.    Demonstrate enthusiasm by working as hard as possible at all times.

4.    Treat teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials with respect and courtesy.

5.    Play the position assigned with enthusiasm.   

6.    Demonstrate good sportsmanship, win or lose.

Role of Parents:

1.    Ensure player’s arrival at the games/practices on time, properly equipped, and ready to play.

2.    Arrive on time to pick up players after games, and arrive early in the event of bad weather.

3.    Provide assistance to the coach as needed.

4.    Encourage the players, cheer and applaud outstanding plays for both teams.

5.    Do not give instruction during practices/games; coach is the authority figure during sessions.

6.    Do not criticize the coach in player’s presence.

7.    Treat players, coaches, opponents, and officials with respect and courtesy.

Role of Everyone:

The game of youth soccer is for the benefit and enjoyment of the players. Coaches, parents, and referees are present to facilitate and ensure a fun experience.


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