Warm up Program for Kindergarten - U10

Norwell Youth Soccer Warm Up Program

Created by: Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Every player needs to warm up before physical exercise. Please see age appropriate ways to do this.

  Kindergarten 1st - 2nd Grade 3rd - 4th Grade
Forward – forward run: suicide style between cones but no touch
Forward – backward run: same as above but running backwards on return
“S” run: run on a curved line
Lateral shuffle: between cones, do not cross feet
Skipping: up-down-step, reach to sky with opposite hand
Carioca: sideways running, cross trailing leg in front and in back alternately
Plant-and-cut: sprint forward, plant and cut on 45° angle, alternating right and left every few strides
Figure 8 (forward and backward): between cones, always face forward  
Combo drills: i.e. sprint to backpedal or box patterns with sprint, shuffle, and backpedal