Referee Pre-Game Checklist and Post Game Report

All referees must follow these guidelines prior to every game and at the conclusion of all CYSL Travel Games

Pre-Game Procedures

If you are doing U8, U10, U12, U14, or U16 Games, please remember to:

  • Walk the field and check it to ensure it is safe for play.
  • Check goals to make sure they are secured with sandbags or other anchors.
  • Check nets for any holes; tape if needed.

The following is from the CYSL Game Rules Section

a. Signed Pass cards will be used for all U12, U14 and U16 League games. Passes must be typed and certified (signed) by each Association Registrar or President. Pass cards for all players and coaches require a photograph and ‘lamination.” Signatures, pictures and laminations are recommended for U10 but not required. For U10 games, no pass cards are required, but coaches must have two (2) rosters. U8 games, no pass cards and no rosters are required.

b. Pass cards and two copies of MYSA team roster must be submitted to the referee before each game. If cards and/or rosters are not available, team has until the end of the game to produce missing documents. If they are not available at game’s end, please report this to the referee coordinator and in the post-game report in Game Officials.

c. The Referee will insure that the MYSA team rosters and player pass cards match the players dressed for the game

d. Teams must have a carded coach present at each game, whose responsibilities shall include maintaining control and discipline over the team. Coaches will be issued a coaches pass card with a maximum of two (2) per team. In the event a team appears without a carded coach, a clearly responsible adult substitute, twenty-one (21) years of age or older, with positive identification, will assume the coaching responsibility. The referee shall note the person’s name, address and telephone number on the game roster.

The referee is to keep one copy of each roster and give each coach the opponent’s roster with the score reported on it.

Please remember to play the game and report any discrepancies to me and I will forward to the league.

Post-Game Procedures

At the conclusion of every game, referees shall return pass cards to coaches (U12, U14 and U16 games) and provide the other team’s roster to their opponent with the game score and winner reported on it (U10, U12, U14 and U16 games).

The Referee will keep all players’ pass cards until after the game. In the event of a red card or other ejection, the Referee will retain ejected player(s) pass card(s). The referee shall forward the pass cards and a game report to the Referee Coordinator who will report it to the Standards Committee within three (3) days.

After the game, the center referee will report the score in the Game Officials website.  Also, if there are any Yellow Cards, please report the player name, the number, the town and the cautioned offense.  If there is Red Card, please send me the card and report the player name, number, team and the send off offense.

Please leave the field together; especially, if it is contentious or difficult game.