Refereeing Games in Norwell

 All Referees Must Follow These Requirements

Referee Uniforms:  All referees must wear the same color uniforms.  Norwell referees are required to wear black shirts, black shorts,  and black socks.

Games Times: Referees must arrive 15 minutes before game time and ready.  All games must begin and end on-time.  If teams arrive late, the games should be shortened to end game on-time.  No exceptions.

Fields and Goals:  Referees must check field prior to game and make sure goals are secure.


Grades 1&2 (U8): Size 3

Grades 3&4 (U10) and Grades 5&6 (u12):  Size 4

Grades 7&8 (U14) and Up:  Size 5

Game Times:

U8 (1st & 2nd Graders): 50 minutes that may be played in 25 minutes per half or 12 minutes per quarter (ask coaches’ preference).

U10 (2nd & 3rd Graders): 60 minutes (30 minutes per half)

U12 (5th & 6th Graders): 60 minutes (30 minutes per half)

U14 (7th & 8th Graders): 70 minutes (35 minutes per half)


Offsides must be called for all games starting at the U10 (Grades 3&4) and up. Let’s use the fall season to teach offsides for the U10 players.

Goalie Distribution

For U10 CYSL games only: no goal kicks, punts or throws by the keeper may go over the halfway line before bouncing or touching a player on their own defensive end. If a violation occurs, restart is indirect kick at the halfway line for the opponent.

​For U12 games only, no goal kicks, punts or throws by the keeper may go into the opponent's (modified) penalty area; any violations result in the opponet receiving an indirect kick from the halfway line.


​There is no intentional heading of the ball at the U12 level and below.  Any violations results in the play restarting with the opponent having an idirect kick from the spot of the infraction.  If intentional heading occurs in the penalty area, the restart is an indirect kick outside the penalty area.

Coaches & Parents

Norwell Soccer and CYSL has a zero tolerence policy. Referees do not confront coaches or parents who cause problems, notify a responsible parent on the field and e-mail the Referee Coordinator.   

Players play, coaches coach and parents cheer.