NYS 3 Fold Philosophy:

  • Let The Kids Play - We make all the kids' fun a priority.
  • Make Volunteering Easy - We need you, for us to be successful.
  • Be A Positive Community Influence - By operating a fun, well run organisation we hope to be active contributors in the community experience.



 Registration is now open for our Spring Soccer 2019 Program,

  • ALL U10 thru U14 players who register before Nov 25th 2018 are guaranteed a spot. There are no cuts assuming you are registered on time. Teams will no longer be identified by age groups such as U10, but by grade Gr3-4 etc. MTOC tournament for teams that qualify will be last weekend in June ( Be warned) . For U10 teams the U10 Jamboree will likely be June 15th.
  • Existing U6 and U8 players (KG through 2nd grade) DO NOT need to reregister.
  • New U6 thru U8 players can still register if you are not already registered from the Fall but you must select the correct season ie FALL 2018( not spring).
  • Any Gr9-12 ( U16-18) players should make sure that there will be enough players before signing up. This needs a coach to take ownership of team before we formally create a team. Coaches can call me if needed on this.

Thank you for a great fall season and for being a part of our program.