ALL coaches need to complete the new (2019) CORI and Safety training

 (MYSA) Mass Youth Soccer Cori Process 2019-present

New for 2019 for all Norwell Youth Soccer coaches

1) Register yourself as a Norwell Youth Soccer adult

This is a new process for everyone this 2019 fall season. There are new Safe Soccer regulations and a new system has been built to manage this. Prior accounts on the older system are no longer active. This year everyone needs to build a new account. Mass Youth Soccer may transfer over some prior CORI clearances – but there are now additional steps to complete. This process will be easiest from a PC I do not suggest using a smartphone.

Establish an account with Stack Sports account - http://norwell.mayouthsoccerconnect.org/home.php

1. Click “Member Login” and create an account for yourself – save your username and password for future years. Be prepared to upload a new photo of yourself for your lanyard – like a license or passport photo. The photo should be just you, only headshot, and rotated in a portrait orientation like a passport photo. You might want to smile – as this photo will be the on which prints on your yearly coaching lanyard

2. On your Member account page you will see a blank photo for yourself and below that is a link “Upload Photo” – click this and then browse or drag over your photo you have previously saved. You can use the tools to crop, rotate left or right, and then save.

3. From your Member Account choose “Register Now” from the menu above your photo. You should have the one choice of Recreational Adult/Coach – click the Register Now link.

o Follow the prompts to pick yourself then pick recreational coach registration.

o Review the Participant registration, background check info, and disclosure statement – scroll down on this form and fill in all the values. Ensure that you use your full “legal” name – no abbreviations or nicknames. Take your time and enter all this information correctly.

o Next step is photos – yours got uploaded in step 2 above – just confirm it’s a good photo. If you forgot your photo now is the time to upload it – this is a requirement.

o Move on to the waivers – enter your social security number and type your full name as your electronic signature. Read and continue thru the other waivers – checking off each one when you agree.

o On the summary completion page – it should show your name and a fee of $0.00. Ensure that you finish this step by clicking the “confirm registration” button.

o You will get a “Successful Registration” message as a confirmation for this step.

o Click “return to member account” and then click the download link next to your CORI acknowledgment – print this form and sign it. This along with a copy of your license needs to be provided to me. Print, sign, scan, or photo your form. Mail this information to Rich Webber 160 Old Derby Street #160 , HINGHAM MA 02043

o 2.Continue your certifications within the Stack Sports System

As part of the new federal guidelines – all adults/coaches are required in addition to the Cori/background clearance to complete Concussion training and Abuse prevention training. These are new and require current completion status to coach. Massachusetts Coaches can ignore the 3rd item - additional safety certification – it is not used.

· On the screen you finished look for the “return to member account” button.

· or just login to your Stack Sports Adult home screen http://norwell.mayouthsoccerconnect.org/home.php

· Your member profile now should show a check mark next to your CORI acknowledgement

2) Concussion Training Certification
Take the online training – upload your certificate of completion. If you recently took the CDC Heads Up training and have or can download your prior certificate of completion, then “upload” this PDF certificate.

3) Abuse Prevention Training Certificate
This is online courseware – the course completion is electronically linked to your MYSA/US Soccer registration. Start this course thru the link in your member profile. Plan 2 hours to fully go thru this online course and take the tests. You can start, stop, and come back to where you left off to complete this required course.


4) Your coach clearance and training are completed when you have items 1, 2, and 4 completed and submitted – as shown below. Item #3 is not part of the Mass Youth Soccer program and can be ignored. Completion of all these items is a new requirement this year for participation as an Adult coach or volunteer with Norwell Youth Soccer. The courseware is good and worth the time you spend to complete it. Thank You for making the time to complete this courseware/certifications.